Information and Advocacy

International Cesarean Awareness Network
Prevention, recovery, advocacy

Breastfeeding information and advocacy

A summary of research on midwifery practice in the United States

Evidence-based breastfeeding and parenting

Easier childbirth with fetal positioning

Safety and legality

Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health Planned Home Birth
Outcomes of care for 16,924 planned home births in the United States (2004-2009)

Home birth outcomes for Amish women attended by Certified Nurse Midwives (25 Years of data)

A seven year, nationwide study in the Netherlands

Outcomes of planned home births with Certified Professional Midwives

Describes recent trends and safety information regarding home birth

Regulation of advanced nursing practice 

Regarding midwifery practice

Sites of Interest

Reflections on pregnancy, birth, and mothering

An online and print magazine dedicated to midwifery and birth

A birth photographer captures Barbie and Ken's triumphant home birth